About Us

The Reading League North Carolina

The Reading League North Carolina (TRL-NC) is a statewide nonprofit organization.

Our mission is to advance the awareness, understanding, and use of evidence-aligned reading instruction across North Carolina, by creating a community of statewide stakeholders invested in ensuring all children receive equitable literacy instruction. 

Our vision is that every child in North Carolina will become a proficient reader.

Belief Statements:

  • We believe all children can learn to read.
  • We believe all teachers can learn to teach children to read.
  • We believe adult volunteers can support teachers and children in their literacy efforts.
  • We believe working collaboratively supports a shared mission.
  • We believe in creating safe environments for learning.

Meet Our Board

Linda Rhyne
Linda RhyneChapter President
Laura Freeman
Laura FreemanChapter Vice President
Monica Campbell
Monica CampbellChapter Secretary
Lindsay Lambertson
Lindsay LambertsonChapter Treasurer
Keri Bartholomew
Keri BartholomewBoard Member
Kim Collins
Kim CollinsEvents Coordinator
Stacey Crowley
Stacey CrowleyBoard Member
Sean Lindsey
Sean LindseyBoard Member
Amy Rhyne
Amy RhyneBoard Member
Jenni Scoggin
Jenni ScogginBoard Member

Reimagine the Future of Reading

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